The Battle of London: Disaffected Youth vs The State

As I watch Lewisham, Peckham and Hackey burn, we have to ask the question: Is this all about to get much, much worse?

Anonymous sources have contacted azizonomics to report that organised criminals are using the Blackberry Mobile network to pre-plan “crowdsourced” attacks, scheduled for this evening, on specific targets, including the Apple Store on Regent Street.

While there is no doubt that unemployment, poverty and disaffection are providing a fertile ground for these troubles, it is unsurprising that organised criminals and opportunists — including unemployed, lumpenproletarian youths who have been left by society to wallow and do nothing — are now piggybacking onto the situation for massive gains.

The real question is to what extent can the police keep on top of this? And, are they willing and able to impose martial law if the situation deteriorates?

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