9/11 — Ten Years On

The attacks of 9/11 were a horrendous deed.

What makes me angrier than 9/11? Making the mistake of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s exactly what the Salafis and Wahhabis want — an easy way of selling their poisonous narrative of eternal and irreconcilable conflict between Islam and the West. And it costs billions upon trillions of dollars.

From Wikipedia:

[Former CIA Analyst] Michael Scheuer‘s book depicts bin Laden as a rational actor who is fighting to weaken the United States by weakening its economy, rather than merely combating and killing Americans.

Osama bin Laden acknowledged the book in a 2007 statement, suggesting that it revealed “the reasons for your losing the war against us.”

So is bin Laden’s war on America being won through American profligacy? Think of the trillions of dollars of resources America has spent on fighting the war on terror, instead of building up domestic economic strength. Every bomb dropped, every ship built, every drop of oil and blood spilt in occupying the middle east is sapping America, by diverting resources away from the American people and toward an unwinnable, endless war.

6 thoughts on “9/11 — Ten Years On

  1. So you actually believe that some poor bedouins attacked the twin towers ? that’s imo just as naive to believe that the bankers and mutual/hedge funds are there for our retirement.

    • I believe that people should look at the evidence and make up their own mind. At the end of the day, whoever did 9/11, the wars are an expensive waste that infuriate the rest of the world and cost trillions of dollars, and need to stop.

  2. In Soviet russia in 1980 GDP spending on defense was 40%-ish in USA 2011 GDP spending on defense is closing in to 30% rapdily (25% atm) Spending cuts of more then 20% gonna be felt across the board 🙂 bye bye Phoney economony.

    • A gentleman on ZH was accusing me of failing to understand the concept of the misallocation of capital, because I praise the Chinese system where (it is true) central planning has resulted in the misallocation of capital.

      Unfortunately, the Soviet Union’s (and now America’s) “weapons before everything else” system is the greatest misallocation of capital in modern history.

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