Kinetic Peace Action #2

Following NATO’s war in Libya, hawkish commentators have been salivating over the prospect of more “liberal interventionism” in the middle east.

Now, thanks to the Arab League, they might just get their wish.

From Zero Hedge:

Yesterday we reported that the Arab League (with European and US support) are preparing to institute a no fly zone over Syria. Today, we get an escalation which confirms we may be on the edge. Just out from CBS“The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart “immediately,” and Turkey’s foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria.” But probably the most damning evidence that the “western world” is about to do the unthinkable and invade Syria, and in the process force Iran to retaliate, is the weekly naval update from Stratfor, which always has some very interesting if always controversial view on geopolitics, where we find that for the first time in many months, CVN 77 George H.W. Bush has left its traditional theater of operations just off the Straits of Hormuz, a critical choke point, where it traditionally accompanies the Stennis, and has parked right next to Syria.

The point, I think, is that the Arab League and NATO would be very happy to see Iran’s wings clipped through regime change in Syria. I’ll be absolutely clear: I think that this is an attempt to get Iran to directly intervene in Syria, and get their fingers burnt by a humiliating NATO counter-offensive. The preferred outcome would be a resurrection of the Green Revolution, a bringing of the Arab Spring to the streets of Tehran, and regime change.

I don’t think Ahmadinejad is that stupid. He long ago absorbed the lessons of Saddam Hussein (now confirmed by the demise of Qaddafi). As I wrote last month, these are:

  1. Nuclear weapons are an essential prerequisite to holding off NATO-sponsored regime change.
  2. Western nations and organisations — including NATO, the United States, Britain, France and the UN — cannot be trusted.

Ahmadinejad would not respond. Iran is preparing for the coming Israeli-NATO onslaught, and doing everything in its power to urge China and Russia to heavily discourage any such move. China and Russia — strong Iranian trade partners (and to some extent ideological partners) — already have a strong interest (energy and resources) in resisting regime change in Tehran.

But this is all part of a greater game: America and the West are locked in a proxy war with the Eurasian autocracies (Pakistan, Russia, Iran, China — for short, the PRICs) for both Eurasia’s huge resources and manpower, and global military and financial supremacy. American policy is to retain the petrodollar-standard, and continue enjoying the free lunch such a system yields.

Iran’s fall could give America — as heavily indebted and zombified as America is — a significant boost toward retaining primacy in years to come, and scare the other autocracies into compliance. For that reason, Russia and China — who have gained a very strong position through accumulating American currency, and become hubs of global trade — will not be keen to see further American encroachment into their back yard.

Forward-thinking readers are urged to get a copy of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s masterpiece The Grand Chessboard, and study it.

28 thoughts on “Kinetic Peace Action #2

  1. Iran will bring the current evil leaders to their knees, and they will never recover. President Ahmadinejad and his country is the only sovereign nation left on earth.. and they are ready for this last battle. Mark my words. It has already been foretold.

    • I try to be evenhanded, Joshua, and give Iran a fair presentation, but I confess I would choose life in the West over Iran. We have our problems with crooked banksters, bad economics, corrupt politics, and debased civil liberties, but I could not live in a theocratic state that banned Western music, heavily censored the internet and had no real concept of individual liberties,

      The key here:

      A theocratic government has been tried numerous times in both Western and Islamic history and all have been economic, social and cultural failures when compared to liberal democracy. Regime after regime aimed for Augustine’s City of Light and none have been able to compete with capitalism and liberal democracy.

      That said, the West’s elites (from our “liberal” democracies) have unfairly exploited Eurasia’s labour and mineral wealth in the last century, and I agree that it is good that there are nations out there who are not part of Washington’s sphere of influence.

      I am also sure you are right they are “ready for battle” — but I really hope it does not come to that. I think it is in the interest of China, Russia and Iran to maintain the current system — it is making them stronger, and America and Israel weaker.

  2. Nothing was said about ruling the world, Aziz. It’s about stopping these monsters from ruling the world. In my opinion, and according to history, Iran has NEVER waged war against another country. I have listened to all leaders present their speeches at the U.N. and none are so truthful as Pres. A. He fears nothing and no one. In my opinion, his idea of ‘freedom’ is more than banned Western music, heavily censored internet and no real concept of individual liberties. The music is not all that healthy, censored internet would be an improvement over the trash this country allows, and the illuminati has made certain that we have no individual liberties.. it is all an illusion, if one thinks that we do. I could go on and on.. but this is sufficient… there is so much evil in this world that little is left to the imagination. Liberties mean only for the rich..and the pagans. However… time is the answer… and time on earth is running out.
    I do appreciate your articles and opinions, and thank you for it.

  3. An army is only as strong as its Generals/King/President/Tyrant/Dictator.

    Remove strong autocratic leadership (Eqypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria etc) and you remove the uniting force that can summon a warcry.

    The Democratic arguing following the Green Revolution makes the army impotent.

    I was planning to spend my dollars in Egypt, visiting their cultural icons. Not now. They only have oil to sell. Contracts to negotiate. Cheaper to provide security around oil wells/fields. Screw the public.

  4. There is more than one way to fight oppression. One is active combat, another is through our thoughts, our frequencies, our energies.. I work with Quantum Physics, I know well the power of thought.

    The mainstream Arab population has had a BELLY full of suppression…. the average pay for a days work is $2.00, while we learned the the pricks that run the country, via the U.S., Nato, et al have STOLEN billions from the population.. and it was proven when Mobarak was ‘dethroned’. Last January they got a taste of what ‘freedom’ means, when they didn’t have to pay to bribe cops just for the privilege of entering a store to buy food, or to the post office to get a letter. We all know that one never dies, or we should know it, this life is a blip in between eternities.. and these brave people know they are fighting for the people of their country and not just individuals. They gave that government until now to fulfill the promise they made that elections would be held last August or September.. well of course they weren’t … so now the Freedom Fighters have given the ultimatum… the military must step down or millions will make sure they do. They have fought with sheer will power, undying determination to see this uprising through to the end.. whatever end that may be. They fought with no guns, no weapons whatsoever and they are STILL going strong.. against the most evil things that rule this planet. There is no one on earth I admire more than those who hunger for a God given right,…. FREEDOM… and are willing to fight for themselves and others to gain it. These people are educated, intelligent and determined.. it’s more than how I can describe the amerikans I see all around me, and on this boob tube they call t.v. I would hardly call it ‘self’ destructive. They have been prisioners of satan for many years, and they WILL win this war. Time tells all. It won’t be long to wait. I say BRAVO brave people who fight for FREEDOM!

  5. The problem is, to use an economic phrase, externalities. The cost is to other countries and your children. The benefit is to their power, prestige and control.

    But they cannot control this.

    Too many heavy players, too many variables. I grew up with us being the good guys. Vietnam was dubious, but justifiable under the growing communist threat enveloping South-east asia. Afghanistan was dubious with a valid excuse. Iraq never validated the excuse used. Libya even more dubious. But a continuity of hegemony play by US and NATO is bereft of righteousness.

    The excuses have gotten worse. The alternative powers have grown stronger. The EU and US cannot fix their economic problems with war. Total economic collapse will stop war in its tracks and leave the west vulnerable to the worldview of Asians. Theirs is worse, but we risk giving up the last of our moral standings.

    We risk the complete destruction of the west. It’s not worth it. Obama, back away slowly and put the nuke down.

  6. Aziz/Buddy/TwoDogs: may I call you friends…’s always great to have intelligent, minds such as are on this discussion…I had a very dear friend who died of agent orange causes from the Viet Nam war.. his family had to fight for years to prove his claim…but eventually the truth won. I have to argue for the fact that Wars never brought Peace. The U.S. has over 1100 military bases in over 150 out of 185-190 {depending on any given time} countries, GBritain owns 35 other countries.. not much leeway for soverign countries.. I don’t believe the U.S. was interested in defeating communism, since we are now, arguably, a mostly communist world.. one of our best allies is Angela Merkel of Germany, granddaughter of Adolf Hitler. Communism, basically, is the seizure of citizens possessions, by the govt.. for the ‘good’ of all people. Meaning: So the govt can get rich, and the poor get poorer, and eradicate the middle class, which is what the world mainly consists of today. The govt can tell all the lies they want for the reasons for starting wars, and I haven’t seen anyone EVER attack the U.S. not even Pearl Harbor, the U.S. was warned and did nothing. While it is happening….(I am almost 70}, it is hard to ‘see’ what is going on, but I have many years of hindsight, and many years being retired to research the truth. We can find many things on the internet.. if we want to believe lies.. we can find them… if we search for truth.. maybe a litttle harder to find, but we WILL find it. The reasons we start wars is for the weaker countrys’ assests…i.e. OIL, mineral rights, poppies for opium/heroin.. whatever they have we want… and get. This country has decimated so many countries because of greed and power they must pay for that at some point. As a whole israel/amerika have no moral standings. As individuals, we will NEVER give up our morality.
    You remember the old cowboy shows.. the good guy always wins. Well.. this world and our lives in it are the same analogy.. we will ALWAYS win.. this earth is hell, and isn’t meant to be inhabited forever…. there are plenty of other planets ready for the ‘good’ guy. Just like my friends family: They had to fight the VA for over 11 years.. became experts with the claim and although they were almost destitute before they won, they beat the mighty VA because of perseverance and FAITH. They won big. And we will too. Because we KNOW how this will play out.
    Obama is just a pawn of satan/illuminati/freemasons.. if you know the end.. satan and his minions {All the evil rulers of earth} just plain lose. No two ways about it. We should be jumping up and down with joy just to be living in the end times, and watching it all play out. Fear is always drowned out by Faith. We cannot lose.

    • Joshua, while I do agree with you on some things — particularly the idea that through faith, courage and perseverance liberty and humanity will eventually triumph — a lot of what you say is very speculative.

      Angela Merkel of Germany, granddaughter of Adolf Hitler

      This is hearsay, and even if it was true, I am not interested in her lineage but her policies.

      Obama is just a pawn of satan/illuminati/freemasons

      I generally do not comment on or promote the global conspiracy view, mostly because such claims are not falsifiable. The supposed “new world order” that Icke/Jones/Ventura, etc, talk about is essentially a kind of global technocracy, and although I have personally encountered individuals who do support such a system and are working towards it I have always found them to be quite ineffectual, and sometimes quite foolish. Firstly, their understanding of history and their use of predictive methodologies tends to be quite weak — they base most of their judgments on faith in their own rationality (often very blinkered), mathematical modelling, simulations, and data mining. This is (for lack of a better word) a very autistic approach — by contrast, I base my own analysis mostly in very careful empiricism. In my view, the crash of 2008 was caused by this autistic/mathematical approach to history and in many ways the desire for a global technocracy comes from the same desire. I oppose such a system because central planning and technocracy is a poor economic choice , not because I am concerned about satanism or any other such speculation.

      While I do not deny that certain groups practice weird rituals in the woods, I forgive them that. What I do not forgive is poor economic policy, anti-democratic policy, and passive-aggressive imperial foreign policy.

      Ultimately, I believe that humanity can “grow up”, and learn to live in a sustainable, compassionate, peaceful, free and robust manner on Earth, and ultimately go out and colonise the Universe. We cannot do that encumbered by a stupid economic policy that is not about allowing the market create wealth for humanity at large through hard work, investment, and genius, but is instead about channelling wealth to insiders and bankers.

      So for me, the real conspiracy is not one of satanism, or the “illuminati”, but one of very bad policies and bad ideas, one of blindness to history. The idea that our leaders are somehow “illuminated” is deeply ironic — domination of the economy by the elite (vampire economics) has never created long-term prosperity, either for the robber barons, or for wider society. It simply is not sustainable. As you suggest, freedom always wins.

      Anyway, I think it is possible we are about to enter into a particularly harsh phase of human history — I just bought in a large shipment of bottled water, and canned food.

        • I don’t set out to “put people in their place”. Joshua is welcome to his views, but I do disagree with a lot of the global conspiracy view. This is mostly because I have spent some time around the “higher-echelons” of academics and policy makers, and debated things with them, and (particularly in the field of economics) I can conclusively say most of the mistakes of the past thirty years have been because economists have been drunk on maths and abstract theory.

          Now I am not saying that Goldman Sachs, etc, are dumb and well-intentioned like Bernanke and most policy makers. Blankfein and his historical equivalents understand exactly the things I do, the difference is they act aggressively to profit from them and make sure autistic theoreticians like Bernanke, Kocherlakota, Yellen, etc keep making the same mistakes, so they can keep rolling in the profits.

          Perhaps that is a conspiracy — I see it as opportunism. It’s certainly not a globe-spanning, multi-century satanic Rube Goldberg machine conspiracy.

      • Conspiracies are nothing more than planned opportunism. Conspiracy theories are own way of making sense of the world, yet chaos theory better explains how things go so pear-shaped i.e. “the great plans of mice and men”.

        I maintain that conspiracy theories require a level of control greater than possessed. Of course, controlling domestic considerations are much easier than war. This is why I fear the current sabre-rattling. Magnify the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan to the size of WWIII. Our biggest threat is the delusion of control held by world leaders.

    • We have sown the seeds of our own destruction with nuclear weapons. That they are the greatest defence ensures that proliferation is inevitable. No conspiracy required.

  7. Aziz.. of course this is your playground and I appreciate that you don’t believe alot of things that others might find a bit interesting.. I certainly am open to anyone who expresses an intelligent opinion that is, shall we say, ‘different’ than others believe.. as long as no one gets into deep ‘religious’ rants, which is open to alot of critique.. I think it is very interesting to hear from different viewpoints.. We all have different backgrounds and maybe we believe what others have told us to believe and maybe some of us believe nothing except what they search out to be the truth. That is what makes an individual unique. Personally, I don’t get involved with alot of conversations on sites simply because what they are discussing is shallow and extrememly basic to me. I like depth. I don’t believe in ‘religions’, they are cults as far as I am concerned, but I do very much believe in spirituality. God is spirit and everyone created was made by Him and only Him. I bring this up, only because you made reference. So enough said about my best friend. :}
    New World Order has been a bit bastardised by those 3 you mentioned and others, however this topic has been discussed by MANY of this countrys’ leaders. Nuff said.

    As far as the ‘illuminati’ goes, that is the name they give themselves from the beginning of time. Discovery channel used to give the history, but no longer does.

    The layout of Washington D.C. is made from their symbols. No one has to believe this fact, however it is as well known as the fact that israel and this govt detonated the World Trade Center.. for various reasons… mostly money..30 trillion gold buillion bars were missing from the basement. I have a firefighter friend who knows this personally. Also the owner, silverstein, was going to have to demolish the bldgs because they were falling apart.. instead he collected a great deal of insurance money..

    I have lived many life times in my time on earth. Perhaps at one time I believed in the goodness of humans. However if they are to ‘grow up’ they need to do it in a hurry. It looks to me like they are ungrowing at a more rapid pace. Just my opinion..Also there will never be a time when we colonize space. In my quest for knowledge being a distance healer with quantum physics, I studied about the atmosphere of the earth.. there are other spheres that scientists talk about, but the one I am going to talk about here, is the Ionsphere. It is a band around the outer atmosphere of our planet. It is the band where radionics, energies and frequencies live, so to speak, and this is where ALL of earth gets its’ electricity. If the band is torn, even a speck.. radiation would immediately come through from the sun, burning up the earth. We live in a controlled planet. I could tell you how many miles it is to the outer limit of our capabilities but I won’t.. you probably wouldn’t believe it.
    Well it has been fun with this site today, brightened up an otherwise dreary day. I think you believe more in the mechanics of this system, and monetary aspects, and I believe what a God is going to do, that He hasn’t revealed to them yet. So thank you so much Aziz for the extra link… and maybe we’ll all have another ‘encounter’ again.. I have deep respect for you all.
    If you would like me to refrain from posting just say the word.. nothing hurts my feelings..

    • Joshua you are welcome here. While I respectfully disagree with your view, I am not in the business of telling other people what to believe. I simply like to lay out my views and enjoy some debate with my fellow humans. The only people I do not want to post here are those who advocate violence and stir up hatred, and robospammers.

  8. Great discussion. Much, or maybe most, of what many people call “conspiracies,” I would describe as merely “business.” Unsavory, harmful business perhaps, but more just a product of the way things are, unfortunately, done rather than the product of some secret cabal or cabals.

    Regarding Iran, there should be no fundamental conflict between it and the west. Sadly, history has been otherwise, from the Mossadegh killing and all through the brutal puppet regime of the Shah. If we do see a war, and it does not escalate into the complete destruction of Iran (which the Israelis are very capable of and may want to do while they still can,) it will only serve to strengthen the hand of the repressive elements there. I wish there was a way to defuse this madness.

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