Is the Middle East About to Explode?

It looks like Israel and America’s secret war on Iran has finally provoked a response.

From AP:

Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency says the country’s armed forces have shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane that violated Iranian airspace along its eastern border.

The report says the plane was an RQ170 type drone and is now in the possession of Iran’s armed forces. The Fars news agency is close to the powerful Revolutionary Guard.

Iran is locked in a dispute with the U.S. and its allies over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, which the West believes is aimed at the development of nuclear weapons. Iran denies the accusations, saying its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.

Iran’s response to the downed U.S. drone’s violation of its airspace will not be limited to the country’s borders, a military source told state television.

“The Iranian military’s response to the American spy drone’s violation of our airspace will not be limited to Iran’s borders any more,” Iran’s Arabic language Al Alam television quoted the military source as saying, without giving details.

Iran said in July it had shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane over the holy city of Qom, near its Fordu nuclear site.

Why is this happening?

As I wrote last month, a new middle eastern war can provide a lot of opportunities to the Western establishment:

  1. Create a new post-9/11-style hard-to-question patriotism — “There’s a war on — we all need to rally together around the flag — the complainers and protestors must hate America”
  2. Put America back to work — in weapons factories, and on the front lines.
  3. Give the economy a large Keynesian injection — through war spending.
  4. Take out Iran, a powerful enemy of America — and send a threatening message to other uppity Eurasian autocracies like Russia and China.
  5. Curtail civil liberties & censor the internet — “There’s a war on — we all need to rally together around the flag — and those who don’t must be working to undermine America”

The real danger here is that this won’t solely be a middle eastern war. Israel and America have grossly miscalculated the odds of drawing Russia and China into a global confrontation. Russia and China want a new world order centred around themselves, not America, and they will grab this opportunity to dethrone the West.

Russia is already supplying Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime with cruise missiles.

Western policy has been built around a false cornerstone of interdependence, the idea that there can be no war between China and America because America is dependent on Chinese goods, and China is dependent on the American monetary system. Nothing could be further from the truth — America (and its consumeristic zombie hordes) need China far more than China needs America. China’s dollar reserves are a luxury, not a necessity, and they are a luxury that can be thrown away in the name of Chinese dominance in Eurasia and the Pacific.

Of course, although a new middle eastern or global war will be an economic, political, social and humanitarian disaster, it will be very profitable for weapons contractors, and provide a large boost to aggregate demand.

42 thoughts on “Is the Middle East About to Explode?

  1. The opportunities you describe for the Western establishment also apply to the Eastern establishment. The ruling Chinease communist party is in a race to placate the masses in the countryside that envy their comrades in the cities. Only by continually growing their economy in the double digit range can they stave off a revolt of the masses. A war would allow them to reap the same basic 5 benefits you mention for the West. The exception being they would not have to borrow to finance the war.

  2. Which NATO countries would side with USA in a very difficult aggressive war? Actually, even skipping Libya, it would also be 3rd consecutive, aggressive, far away war. What kind of casus belli is to be used? Even nuclear Iran/Syria is nowhere near a threat to US. They may treat their citizens like dirt, or fund anti-Israel proxies… but they will not launch some kind of crazy invasion over the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t really see any reasonably convincing reason for a war with Iran. It would have to nuke Israel to give US casus belli for an invasion. Syria looks much more like a target, with even Arab League suspending it’s membership. Some very efficient weapons could somehow get to the hands of (more or less honest) opposition, civil war could erupt, plight of civilians on NATO’s doorstep would “force it’s hand to intervene” – on neither side initially, Syria would not comply (it would be impossible to comply and still win the civil war…), hostilities would rise, NATO would officially get on the side of rebels.

  3. Another bit I found today. Qatar has become a big in the ME. Backing the brotherhood, meddling in Libya etc. It certainly is anti-Assad and anti-Tehran.

    It seems there is strife between Russia & Qatar, reportedly over Syria. Russia has downgraded its diplomatic relations after their ambassador, or more exactly his diplomatic pouch, was assaulted at Doha airport.

    It seems like a game of chess when two opposing pawns/squares in the centre of the board get backed up (protected) by bigger and bigger pieces. Or like Europe in 1914.

    I also noticed today a lot of US/UK criticism of the election process in Russia.

    Warming up…

      • Beholden to/protected by the US at least. Centcom based there & bases for Iraq etc. And Al Jaz is obviously mouthpiece for the Qatari state.

        US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “The partnership between our two countries is a model.”

        US Senator John McCain “Al Jazeera has played a key and leading role.” [in Arab ‘spring’].

        So does that mean Qatari backing of Muslim Brotherhood equates to US backing? It seems that way.

        Hard to know if Qatar is a direct proxy or more a beholden/protected state with convergent foreign policy aims. IE: is it US influence or US control.

        • American support for/ use of/ co-operation with radical Islam would not be a new thing; we all know al-Qaeda emerged out of the American-funded mujahideen. In the 80s Gulbuddin Hekmetyar (now a wanted figure) travelled around the United States’ mosques recruiting American Muslims — with America’s blessing — to go and fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets.

          Ten years after 9/11, it seems the State Department still does not understand the concept of blowback (either that or they will tolerate any amount of blowback as possible to maintain their foreign policy, which if true would be a stupid and destructive view). Perhaps they should listen to the former head of the bin Laden desk at the CIA, Michael Scheuer.

    • I think it’s fair to say that al-Jazeera has been significantly more hospitable to American interests in the last 5 years.

      There is an odd angle to come at this from: al-Jazeera probably could have fomented some kind of uprising against Saddam Hussein in Iraq prior to 2003. While I am personally opposed to liberal interventionism, Obama’s liberal interventionism (media, internet, NATO) seems to be significantly less costly and dangerous than Bush’s interventionism. (Of course if all of this ends up dragging China and Russia into a global war, that praise would be moot).

  4. yes the middle east is about to explode, this is normal since so many people believe in scripture as the undisputed word of god, they read prophecies and work towards fulfilling them, thus creating a cycle of self fulfilling prophecies.
    How do I know this? I’m the mahdi. Prophecies said I would come, I have arrived.
    World leaders claim they talk to god, why not me?
    My blog explains more.

  5. You have had your say… and I will have mine… the unholy word of god is written by zionists, for zionists.. the real word of GOD is hidden far beneath the vatican behind lock and key. That is how problematic the TRUE word of GOD is for the evil leaders {and their followers} of this world. As long as people deny ignorance the future’s promising.

    I can always tell when one is speaking of the false idols gods because no respect is shown. Trust me, we will ALL know Him shortly. We all know it, we don’t need the liars of this world to tell us.

  6. Yes and no. in reality, muslims will reject the mahdi if he claims it, so by rejecting the idea that I’m divine I have a better chance to connect with people. History has shown that humans are gravitated to doing things they are told not to do, and by denying my divine I lose my entitlement. If prophets were so divine, why didn’t god deliver the world to them and save them from ridicule, harm, and death. Its because they had to work for it, if god could make it easy on them well he might a well show himself and get it over with. The mahdi is the collective body of islam, someone had to lead the way. That person is me. At least in my head.

    • I would like to add that the fact I’m a narcissist doesn’t disprove my claim, it proves that in my head I’m convinced of this, which also means that I’m 90 percent there, the first step is to believe, and someone who is free from mental disorders would never be convinced of such greatness and thus never act on it. Narcissism might be the curse of the gods, our the blessing of the gods a well.

      • I read this quote this morning and thought you would appreciate it….

        ‘Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence’

      • I have been reading your blog and I must confess find them very intriguing… you are definitely not a narcissist… very interesting… you expose your inner feelings of who you really are… I see, now. It is a very VERY big mistake to judge someone without the knowledge of who that someone is.

  7. ‘If prophets were so divine, why didn’t god deliver the world to them and save them from ridicule, harm, and death. Its because they had to work for it, if god could make it easy on them well he might a well show himself and get it over with’ (sp. not corrected.)

    Prophets are not divine, {but they ARE obedient} only God is totally without fault, and the Creator of all that is good, including those who chose to be evil. Yes they have been taunted and ridiculed.. all who speak truth in the world of evilness and liars are spiritually MADE, by default, to be able to handle anything satan and his teeny weenies have to throw at them. Nothing on this earth is what it seems, not even you, or myself… and death is never death, but everlasting life spent either here in hell, or in heaven, whichever each of us CHOOSE. So, in the end everyone has his wish. As for GOD ‘getting it over with’, I have waited patiently and sometimes IMpatiently for HIM to ‘get it over with’. Now I see it happening and it gives me great joy, because I know for a fact I belong in Heaven, and I will not be denied.. like the salmon that has an internal instinct and even risks ‘death’ to go back to his birth place/spawning ground, so do spirits. Humans, such as yourself, have the same rebellious spirit that lucifer and millions of angels had in Heaven.. thus the need for God to create a planet away from all the rest of His creation for evil to run it’s course. God is GOD, and doesn’t listen to a created humanoid, a mere clay form, He alone allowed to have breath,.. HE has planned it all from the beginning of the foundation of earth, and will do just as He has planned, like it or not, is immaterial to His Majesty. He will do it in His time and no others. It is happening as in the beginning of a pregnant womans labour.. and it must occur as surely as the baby must be birthed.

    ‘Narcissism might be the curse of the gods, our the blessing of the gods a well’ (spelling not corrected)….

    The only ‘gods’ are the fake do nothing idols of this earth, powerful ONLY as long as the ONE GOD allows it to go on. Narcissism, was lucifers first sign of evilness, other sins followed.. it occurs only in ‘his head’ also.. you must be quite aware that he is totally defeated after ruining the earth…he is in the process of that now… God moves in mysterious ways, but NO ONE on earth can claim ignorance… they ALL know HIM, and it is their choice to deny HIM. It is also our choice to embrace Him, which I do, and all the days of my life have called Him the Magnificient.

  8. ‘Now you, you think you are special, you are setting yourself for a let down.’

    You might be surprised.. when I am in a crowded room, with others like you, the light emanating from my being is brilliant, and cannot be denied. Yes, I am very special…and I have been persecuted for that, and would do all of my 70 years of earth life again and again.. in fact have. I would not change ‘who’ I am even if I could.. a powerful entity of GOD. I have NEVER been ‘let down’ by HIM.

    • Joshua, thanks for the long reply. I’m not at odds with you, and the misspelligs are because I’m typing on my phone.

      Have you ever considered this notion? “god exists in all of us because we are all narcissistic” God is the all powerful, all forgiving, all vengeful because we don’t have to be. Humans are gravitated to the idea of the one God, or multiple gods because that allows us to transfer our own feelings of omnipotence, feelings we can’t realize in real life. God is the all narcissist because we look in the mirror and see him in us, and he sees us in him. If God could care less about us, his creation, why did he create us? It’s my assertion that we are all narcissistic, when we let our narcissism run wild it manifests in the form of the devil, when we realize our self centered ways and work to correct them we reach enlightenment, we reach God, we understand god and we are in heaven, both heaven and hell are places on earth, they exist inside of our own minds

      • It is completely possible the heaven and hell are real in our heads because deep inside we know that they exist in reality too, like salmon swimming against the current, so by that same notion you cited, why do salmon swim against the current? Because it was the design of God, so if humans deny God, doesn’t that mean humans in fact are swimming against the current, I know you are going to argue that swimming against the current for humans means defeating satan, and that’s fine because satan is a creation of God too, in nature river currents aren’t evil, they serve other purposes, so does that mean that satan is also not evil? salmon swim with the current first before swimming against it, does this not mean that to understand God, we have to deny him first. We have to swim with the devil before swimming against him?
        Thanks you have me an idea of my next blog topic.

      • I appreciate your musings as well… it is uncommon to be able to talk about God in this world. In my opinion, I believe if people acknowlege the thought of the Almighty God, they would know that all actions demand a reaction, and everything we do in this life must be held accountable {Judged} by THE ONE..{who by the way O’bama believes he is} who is without sin, and narcissism is the beginning of bigger vices/sins, as you pointed out… thus everything we believe must be set in stone, otherwise we would be persuaded to deviate from what we do believe. So your beliefs are set in stone, and mine also. You do present appealing arguments, for lack of a better word.. although in my opinion, this is a simple conversation of diverse minds. If there wasn’t a final ‘judgement’ by the Omnipotent One, why wouldn’t we all be evil, if there were no consequences…. why do so many of us fight against evil, if there is no ‘reason’ to fight their actions, after all evil ones are greatly rewarded on earth..satan is the god of earth, and he rewards his minions..can we not SEE that? Because God put His love inside our hearts, and no amount of earthly ‘treasures/money will cave in to the god of this earth. Because we serve the God that owns it all… millions of planets, multi-verses, solar systems…He is THE GOD. He does what He pleases, and it pleased Him to send His own family, His friends, His faithful ones to earth to do HIS will. If He wanted to destroy evil, He could have done that in the Great War in Heaven. He chose to do it with His people. He is much too powerful to engage with a slug like lucifer. Besides, this world doesn’t need a leader to lead them to evil.. the human heart devises enough evil within himself to defy any sane mind. Look around.. especially in amerika.. it is insanity at it’s best.

        ‘If God could care less about us, his creation, why did he create us?’ Great question.. and although I don’t believe in the man-written non holy bible, I have searched for the truths of it, and communed with GOD, and although He doesn’t speak to me as you would, He speaks to me with His Spirit, and I listen. I know what the truth is, and when one knows truth, cannot swallow lies. So why did God create us.. do you present the argument that He created us to be narcissistic? So He can gloat about what He did/does??? Who would He gloat to?? To be a narcissist, we have to have an audience…otherwise, what’s the point?? He created us to be His companions… even God gets lonely.. and He created each of us to be special to Himself.. we are on earth who we were in heaven and nothing can ever change that. Nor would any of us have the desire to switch to the enemies sides… yes we are mortal enemies.

      • So now that we are all either good or bad narcissists, does this not mean that I have embraced my true self, God. Does this mean I have reached enlightenment in it’s basic sense, true sense. Am I really the mahdi? That doesn’t really matter now does it? what’s important is that I have reached inner peace, and it wasn’t because I read a book about meditation, or because I adopted a sufi way of living. I reached inner enlightenment because I let nature run its course, I listen and trust my intuition, I trust god. Trying to understand god by devoting your life to it in the sense of meditation is in its most basic form denying his existence. I have reached god because god reached me. So am I the real mahdi?

  9. I had trouble with the length of the email so had to finish it with a new post…are you still with me?

    Yes, yes and yes. I believe we do have to swim with the devil before we can swim against him. That is the ultimate test on earth. You see, evil KNOWS everything that happened in Heaven, they, after all, caused the war..and lost … thus earth..but Gods choicest and bravest volunteered to come to earth, but their memory of Heaven was wiped away…. except for glimpses.. they would have known they have Gods strength beside them and ultimately would win that war.. but on earth, they are thrown around like rag dolls in a raging sea, by the evil ones, and yes, did many things they would not have wanted to do. But they chose to turn their back on the evil ways of the world and fight, spiritually, against it.. more is accomplished by both sides in the spiritworld than is even imagined. I suppose I should stop… see if you are even still there for this ongoing interesting dialog.. I have very much enjoyed it.
    One thing remains constant and this is it: God was before anything, created everything, means everything and NOTHING, NOTHING.. nothing, either here, in
    the other diminsions, or in Heaven mean anything…..without Him. There is no life, no nothing without Him to make it happen. And THAT! is ALL that matters.

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  12. Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.

    I would tell you but you wouldn’t believe it..

      • You are that…. {very subtle}.. you want to keep readers.. me.. I don’t care whose toes I step on. Truth is truth.. I haven’t been searching for nothing but the truth all my life to do a side step around those who think lies are truth..

        Two favorite quotes:

        The masses behave like stupidity was a virtue and finding truth isn’t important.

        “ The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt. ”

  13. To tell you the truth, Aziz, if we {the nice ones} hadn’t been so eager to placate those who {we thought} didn’t understand…{they understood only too well}.. then perhaps we could have nipped evil in the bud a long time ago. But all of history, including the future, is a well thought out plan,… a mysterious plan.. and it WILL be carried out. God created it all and God can do with it as HE wills. It has been lucifers’ {and his evil cohorts} planet since Rev 12, and they know their time is up. They say if we keep doing the same thing, expect the same results.. well there happens to be a few savvy people down here that understand this is just a replay of what happened in Heaven, and the decision of God to create a planet for evil to control it and destroy it. He is going to make dead certain there is NEVER a rebellion in Heaven again.. He has empathy for those who love Himself and Justice on earth, but He is not a cuckold. He is the Creator of every little speck of matter, and He will show the world just what He is going to do. And do it. For those who profess there is no GOD, they are liars. They remember what they did in Heaven, and they know how much God loved His wife and newborn baby son, that lucifer murdered, along with many others. They FEAR HIM… they are just hoping they are going to ‘get away with it’ because He has taken so long to bring His plan to fruition. Well… trust me.. HE DOESN’T forget. Those who love HIM, have no worries, but those who are His enemies will suffer unimaginable horrors for eternity. They have had the ‘good life’ cheating, stealing, lying, whoring, pediphilia, all the most evil things that are only whispered about. They WILL pay. And the rest of us can get on with our lives in eternity without this sick vileness.

      • I was talking generalities.. not personal.. All of Gods’ people are gentle. They are also fierce warriors. We are the same here, on earth, as we were/are, in Heaven. We are the same. As everyone is.. the foe and friend.. just different objectives. I am here to uplift, dear Aziz… not in any way judge.

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