Barack: “I’ll Bomb Ya”

From AP:

President Barack Obama said Sunday the United States will not hesitate to attack Iran with military force to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Glenn Greenwald sums up the hypocrisy of it all:

Is that not the classic case of a “preventive” war (as opposed to a “preemptive” war), once unanimously scorned by progressives as “radical” and immoral when the Bush administration and its leading supporters formally adopted it as official national security doctrine in 2002?

I am relatively adamant that Obama is bluffing (mainly because he explicitly says that he isn’t). As I wrote last month:

Both China and Pakistan have given assurances of some kind of support for Iran, if attacked. Why would Israel choose direct and open warfare against Iran and risk provoking a wider conflict when they can instead engage in a much less risky covert war of subterfuge, sabotage and assassination?

Furthermore, why would the US Secretary of Defence go on the record to divulge Israeli military plans? Frankly, it sounds like Panetta’s [and Obama’s] vocalisations are a decoy to keep Iran edgy, and try to incite Iranians on the ground to rise up in revolt and overthrow the regime, as a path to avoiding war.

While I have already given a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the Western motivations for such a war, the simple truth emerging is that the risks of wider trouble and blowback are too big, and outweigh all the prospective benefits. American and Israeli policymakers may have finally realised that the West just has too much to lose from antagonising China and Russia even more.

In any case, there is a reasonable chance that Iran already has a nuclear weapon.

From Zero Hedge:

According to one of Europe’s most famous newspapers, which in turn references a report in Welt am Sontag, North Korea has conducted at least two nuclear warhead tests in 2010, of which was on behalf of Iran.

In 2010? But I thought that Iran’s government — who are portrayed in the Western press as a psychotic band of terroristic religious fanatics — were going to “wipe Israel off the map” as soon as they had sufficient material?

That widely-espoused notion is rubbish. There is almost no chance of any nuclear strike — Iranian, or from Hezbollah — on Israel. Given that Israel has devastating second strike capabilities, any such offensive would wipe Iran — not Israel — off the map, and Iran knows it.

32 thoughts on “Barack: “I’ll Bomb Ya”

  1. Obama needs to prove his seriousness by bludgeoning to death Iranian civilians with his Nobel peace prize. –sarcasm

    How this guy convinces anyone he is an anti-war populist is beyond me.

    • Well, as noted below the hope that he is bluffing probably puts him above Santorum, Gingrich and Romney in my estimation, who are almost certainly not. All three of those men seem intent on starting a new Eurasian war.

      • The only question for Obama is what is more politically expedient, starting a conflict before or after the election. Obama talks a lot of peace but his actions tell another story, by their deeds you shall know them. Political pragmatism is his highest ideal (as is the case with most politicians).

        • Well thankfully as far as I can tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff mostly agree with me. From a purely military perspective, a war with Iran is a huge blunder. They stopped Bush, and I think they well stop Obama.

  2. So called progressives should have been more aware of what Obama was saying previous to the election. He was saying bomb Pakistan before he even was elected. I’d wager that there was a lot of racism in his election. America wanted a black President. And it was willing to vote for any smooth talking black man who could walk the walk.

    • Yes, I think a lot of Obama support in 2008 was racist (as of course was a lot of Obama opposition).

      We perhaps will get in trouble over that view, because there is a widely-held presupposition that pro-minority measures (such as affirmative action, or electing a black President) are not racist. However I simply define racism as viewing the world through the prism of race.

      Then again, I think the fact that he didn’t really have much of a record led people to spurious justifications for supporting/unsupporting him.

      This time, people are much better placed to support or oppose him based on his record, and on policy.

    • Yes, this is the strongest anti-war argument.

      … And then Krugman will start shouting about how even war is good for a depressed economy because war spending is supposedly a stimulus.


  3. What you say everybody knows. The issue is purely one of domestic US politics; nobofy can be elected president unless he or she gives full support to Isreal, regardless of whether that is in the interests of the United States. Obama knows that (so do you) — and the Republicans are too silly and stupid to understand that a great power cannot give a blank check to a small one — so they push Obama into this very dangerous survival (for him) polioy.

    • Well yes, I think Obama is bluffing, and Santorum and Romney and Gingrich are not bluffing.

      I suppose that means I endorse Obama above Santorum, Romney and Gingrich.

      Then again, maybe Obama is not bluffing:

      Replying to a question at a news conference following an international conference on Somalia, Clinton said: “I am not a military strategist, but I think I know enough to say air strikes would not be a good idea and we have absolutely no reason to believe anyone, certainly not the United States, is considering that.”

      (3PA: That very same day, a U.S. drone strike killed four people in Somalia—apparently the United States was doing more than considering air strikes.)

  4. I follow Anti Semitic bloggs very closely. Zionists are losing the PR war. If we back them into a corner what can we do. Look at North Korea. It having a racially homogenous population has backed the world into a corner. They get a lot of foreign aid. So does Israel.

    I am seeing propoganda from Israel directed at the Jewish Diaspora. Nasty stuff like real Jews live in Israel etc, KKK on the rise flee vefore too late and the like.. I don’t know if it is a clever strategy to get increased immigration to Israel (Land Values skyrocketing) or some insane racial superiority complex (I am more Jew than you etc).

    There will be War in Iran. That is certain. Look at the fallout from Iraq. Nothing. Was George Dubya hung for War Crimes? Is the Public protesting over being lied to?

    2012 will be interesting indeed!

    • There will be War in Iran. That is certain. Look at the fallout from Iraq. Nothing. Was George Dubya hung for War Crimes? Is the Public protesting over being lied to?

      I think the key difference was that neither Pakistai generals nor Chinese generals previous to the war were rumbling about supporting Iraq, whereas they are with Iran.

      By the way, I got your E-mail about the IMF. I will publish the letters (with your address blanked out) should someone default on the IMF.

      • Cheers. I will hang on the wall if Australia gets financially burned.

        Just love their comment about being backed by member states. That made me laugh.

    • I’m really tired of being #1!

      I’ll never forget when one of my co-workers and I were discussing our commute into San Francisco (We both spent about $14 a day) when he made the comment, “Did you ever stop and think that we spend more money just getting to our jobs then many people around the world make at their jobs?”

      America #1 again!

  5. It would be risky to attack Iran. Syria also threatens to implode soon. So the whole region is a problem, if Iran was attacked full scale invasion style it would cost and need full commitment, war helps to rally and unite the people at home. On the other hand they could just have some surgical air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities…threatening them. Russia and China may complain but they do depend on the US in some ways for their economies to function.

    Anyone read about about how the Zionists under Ben Gurion attacked Iraqi Jews (disguised as Arabs) to push them into fleeing to Israel in the 1950s?

    The Jews have a special hatred for Persians, Aryans etc. The Jewish religious celebration of Pûrîm is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman, a story recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther (Megillat Esther). All of this can be fully utilized to bring about a war.

    • Russia and China may complain but they do depend on the US in some ways for their economies to function.

      They do? I’ve come across this claim quite a lot, and it mostly seems to come down to the fact that America buy a lot of stuff from Eurasia, and provide a global police force in the shape of the U.S. military to keep transport open.

      I don’t really buy it. Eurasia has enough dollars so as not to need the U.S. consumer any more. And global security can be handled by any properly equipped military or paramilitary organisation.

      Some posters in the past have pointed out that the end goal of all of this may be for China to amass so many dollars and so much economic and political clout as to effectively subcontract to the U.S. military to Chinese interests. That would suggest that China above all others wants to keep America sweet, and may acquiesce to American interests for a while longer. I somewhat doubt this.

      Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

      — Sun Tzu

    • I am aware of this and following the key date closely. The next 2 weeks could see extreme turbulence. I have gone to cash.

    • Mo, Compeling reading “Jews of Iraq”. I will make further investigations. Many Non Zionist Jews are fearful, that the Zionazis are going to turn the world hostile towards them.

  6. I am with you John. When new information presents intelligent people adjust their views.

    To do otherwise is Lunacy.

  7. Nearly a decade ago, Stratfor quoted a Russian general as saying the Iranians already had nukes.

    Also lining up against a war is the fact that US war games routinely show massive losses to the Navy, thanks to Chinese and Russian surface to surface missiles.

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