How Badly Does Wall Street Want a Romney Presidency?

Apparently, this badly:

But this is chickenshit money — it doesn’t even add up to Lloyd Blankfein’s 2007 bonus.

Let’s see where the real money is going.

Markets couldn’t seem to care less:

The S&P is still well up during Obama’s presidency.

So does Wall Street really want a Romney Presidency? Or could Wall Street not care less, because they know that both sides will gladly do their bidding? After all it’s not like Obama has tried to jail corrupt bankers — Corzine, who after raiding segregated accounts is surely up there with the most corrupt guys on Wall Street, has been bundling for Obama as recently as April.

Ignore the chickenshit donations. If markets fall significantly between now and November — 1300, 1200, 1100, 1000 — the powers that be on Wall Street want a Romney presidency. After all, it’s not only possible but extremely easy to deliberately crash the market when you have at your disposal algorithmic trading programs that can buy the spike and sell the dip 40 times a second (that’s 2400 times a minutes, 144,000 times an hour). No market crash? They’re happy to stick with Obama.

21 thoughts on “How Badly Does Wall Street Want a Romney Presidency?

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  2. The Great Austerity is in the offing, and the Big Money doesn’t want to have to have the blame for that fall on a white guy. They need somebody to sell it, make the people swallow it, and then take the fall for it. That’s what America’s First Black President is for: President Shamwow, absorbing all the effluent of the recent crises as well as the BIG one to come. Cleaning up the mess for Bush (Jebbie)/Cheney (Lizzie), Redux, in 2016…

    • Bingo! That’s what I thought when Obama won. Most Presidents have 8 year terms to allow various agendas to be set. The elections in Australia are the same. 2 terms for the red. two terms for the blue. A Gentlemen’s agreement!

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  4. Real trick will be maintaining the reserve status so the flow of printing can continue uninterrupted. Zero interest money on the printing presses can only go so far. Can’t wait for the wheelbarrow effect. I can see a day when Obama’s image will be on the $1B bill.

    • Hyperinflation has never occurred without a physical shock, e.g. trade shock, resource shock, war, energy shock first.

      I don’t rule out a wheelbarrow effect, but we could be a long, long way from it. Look at Japan – twenty years of money printing and can kicking, and where is the inflation?

      • December 2012 Aziz. December 2012.

        China floats the Yuan, US pays more for goods, increases interest rates to maintain Dollar parity. Whatever.

        Players are just waiting for clarity on who they have to deal with. The Voting public can be very fickle. How do you plan Geopolitics around half wits.

  5. We have a political system where it is perfectly legal to pay somebody [off] just in case they become elected.

    This should cause people to pause

  6. Yes. Do you think I should donate? Just in case the Australian Nationalist Party has do deals with the Administration of either one day. It would be a good investment I guess.

    The interns could write a memo writing about the support from the ANP over the last decade etc etc. Machiavellian at its best.

  7. Either way, the US Dollar and economy is toast after the elections. They won’t be able to fund their Treasuries. World Governments are going to go their own way and deal with the best solution to their immediate Political problems. Their own backyard, keeping fuel and food prices in check, dealing with Iran, if it means cheap fuel etc.

    Ron Paul was the USA’s best solution to save themselves. Just like the Jews crucified Jesus. Jesus offered the Jews a new line of thought, and they did not take it. To their detriment. Rome would not have sacked the Temple etc etc etc. There are moments in world history where wise men offer their leadership and the idiots fail to grasp what they are offering. Socrates, Jesus, Tesla, Ron Paul.

  8. No offence but you’re sounding more like an luddite idiot every day. The algo you all keep referencing are market making algos. And like we’ve seen recently, if one gets out of line and goes berserk the other algos will rip it arapt. You’re not doing traders or investors any service by being ignorant cause these algos you all curse are the MAJOR reason trading costs are so low now compared to 5-10 yrs ago. For all the research you seem to put in your articles why don’t you put some in researching this topic?

    • That was just one tangential example of how manipulable the market is today.

      I’m not really anti-market-making-algos — and of course your point that the other algos would eat a single rogue algo for breakfast is true.

      Point is that there are plenty of other factors — confidence being the largest one. People on Wall Street who want Romney would be selling equities right now, especially given that a principal motivating factor is the idea that 4 more years of Obama would be economically negative. It could be as simple as big pro-Romney players getting together and strategising to sell equities in a co-ordinated way for the next three months.

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