The Failed War on Drugs

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  1. John, on issues such as drugs, abortion, immigration, etc., I find myself in the position of realizing that I do not have the “intel” to intelligently decide — that if I were a legislator, I would need to do a lot of homework. Then I berate myself that citizens of a democracy must be good (informed, as well as objective and unprejudiced) stewards. Then I remind myself that, in our (U.S.) Constitutional republic, we citizens aren’t tasked to make* laws but rather to select those who do.

    All of the above is to plead for more and better intel on drugs: Which are addictive**? Which cause personal/family/community degradation? What is the success record of detox? What regulation/control/remediation is possible/effective in lieu of criminal arrest and prosecution? Etc., etc.

    I am confident that you join me in seeking a better world through rational individuals, not despots or mobs.

    * Except in rare non-federal “Referendum” voting.

    ** Define and describe “addiction” and “habit-forming”.

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  3. I am with you on this one John. Legalize and tax the drugs. Empty the prisons of these non violent offenders and offer drug treatment. Drugs are not that hard to find now so if you were going to do them you would. Prohibition does not work.

    We would have to find someone else to support the politicians because we would be removing the private prison lobby from the equation along with a few others. What would all those DEA personnel do with no one to harass.

    Maybe the next article should be on getting rid of the War on Terror. The total for that has to be well over 1 trillion.

  4. I would have to say that Heroin is the worst. It seems to be the only drug that has users throwing dirty contaminated dirty needles on the street, overdose deaths and rampant crime through insidious and debilitating addiction. However Cocaine abuse from top models who keep their contracts should be cracked down on. It is akin to making cigarettes glamorous in the 30-40’s. Marjuana causes psychosis in certain individuals.

    They are banned for a reason.

    But unlike alcohol, if you take too many drugs, rather than a hangover, you die. That is the difference if they legalise it. How many experimenting teenagers will push themselves?

    Yes the War on Drugs costs money, but it provides Intelligence Training to the Police Officers and Border control guards.

    Keep up the war on this one.

    • They are banned for a reason.

      Indeed, but that reason has little to do with their effects.

      Booze and cigarettes are both as dangerous to their users as heroin and cocaine. Marijuana isn’t even playing the same game, with a risk profile similar to caffeine.

      But unlike alcohol, if you take too many drugs, rather than a hangover, you die.

      What !? People die of alcohol poisoning all the time after binge drinking.

      Yes the War on Drugs costs money, but it provides Intelligence Training to the Police Officers and Border control guards.

      And if there’s one thing we all need, it’s a more militarised police force in our lives.

      Pretty much all the major problems surrounding illegal drugs disappear with their decriminalisation. The rest are medical problems, no different to any other physical or psychological addiction, and decriminalisation would simply allow sufferers to be properly treated and live prosperous, productive lives, rather than cast out on the street to die.

  5. I tried heroin, and could hardly stand the stuff. I used it twice more after a serious injury in smaller doses when the pain relief was preferred over the uncomfortable/unpleasant feeling from the drug. I don’t like the stuff and don’t condone its use, but neither do I have the arrogance to presume that if someone finds that it fits them I would object let alone use force. Would you use force to stop your neighbor? Who would dare walk up to his nieghbors without the government behind them and attempt by force to put him in a cage for years? It’s 1800, Boston, New York, Philly, take your pick. All you depraved moral cowards, prove to yourself that you are not, and see yourself defending the public and destroying the crates of laudanum or paregoric of what ever elixir that was primarily opium and alcohol that a man was unloading at the local house of ill repute. No? How about if a child was being sexually molested and you had a pistol. A woman being raped? Assaulted and robbed? A thief running from a shop owner he robbed with a knife? You know, felonies. Real crimes. Then maybe your not a depraved coward but a selfish asshole. Who would arrest the man unloading the opium if immune from all of society like he was invisible, but risk danger from the one exception, the man unloading the crates of opium? Everyone seems to have principles until it cost them something. If dueling were legal how many prosecuting attorneys would have the integrity to stand behind their position of locking people up for drugs? If dueling was passed in to law as legal and due to take affect in three months, who would bet drugs would stay illegal and violators openly prosecuted?

    • I’ve never tried heroin, a horrible dangerous drug by most accounts with a few legitimate uses in pain relief. The scariest thing is that people end up collapsing veins through injection and getting gangrene due to poor circulation. Yuk. Still, better to spend money helping addicts than criminalising users.

      • I had a childhood friend die from it, and 2 cousins who were addicted to it, but through family intervention, they now lead normal lives. People can beat the addiction with enough force. I only wish I could have saved my best mate. He was a good articulate kid with family issues over a divorce. If I only knew he was that troubled. I don’t know if it was suicide or an overdose. I tell you if my Political Party gets in power, not only will the Drug Kingpin be put to death, but their mother and father. That will stop dealing “Dead in its tracks” Families will have a responsibility to bring up their children properly!

  6. I can’t stand the hypocrisy, and the stupidity, and the cowardice of people that once the motive for fooling themselves is revealed and proven to have negative effects, that have for the sake of their self image, the illusion of status and their comforts and luxuries, abandoned reality for insanity because they were so selfish they had to believe a lie that they are special, those others are lesser than us and don’t count the same as me and us, put them in prison as a preemptive measure. People die every day, and children too. Destroy that family, let that child be raised by foster care and the state, if it can protect my children from my being a worthless parent unable to accept my responsibilities and blame my failure for my child’s behavior on those others because I secretly don’t want to lose status because of my kids, it is safe for all of “us” if we all agree that this social problem was somebody elses fault and we can be the victims rather than have it used against us as an advantage to gain status. Fuck our kids, the criminality we expose them to, violence and gangs, evils of the police, prison, alienation from us if they take drugs because they know they’re not criminals, it’s their fault, they didn’t listen to me, fuck that they have values based on the vicious immature minds of their teenage peers because they see we are hypocrites and an enemy that would see their friends in prison, and know the lives destroyed that pale from the actual use of drugs. So, let’s get a bunch of cowards together who can’t take care of themselves, accept their responsibilities, pass some laws that nobody can live with, then hire some lowlifes to fix everything. Fuck if the police violate the peace, break the laws that binds the country, they’re not breaking in to my house or ransacking my car or ordering me to assume the position while they feel me up. Jury trials, due process, police brutality, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion doesn’t count because they have no values, by decree I say the experience they pay so much money for has no value, and not the same as the values of christians and family values. It doesn’t matter those Indians take hallucinogens as part of their religion, they don’t count and all those other people that report positive spiritual experiences from mushrooms and that the hallucinogens are not addictive and the toxicity of most over the counter drugs and probably vitamins too, are 10 20 100 times more toxic than the equivalent dose of mushrooms and LSD doesn’t matter. I decree that my values trump their non values. Fuck those chemo patients What do I care that my selfishness is so immoral I and everybody else has to abandon reality to maintain that I’m one of the good guys and I’m for family values, because I love that shit that has no meaning but sounds good. Something I can stand behind that cost nothing. The President got an illicit blow job, I love moral stuff like that because I’m not required to do anything that might threaten my status. Torture nothing immoral about that compared to an illicit B.J. Preemptive war, that couldn’t possibly be related to preemptively destroying the lives of innocent people that just want to be left alone to have some peace and pleasure. What they are doing might lead them or someone else to commit a crime like steal a disney tape and get locked up for 25 to life for shop lifting because maybe someone felt cheated that the price they paid to get high was societies fault for making it illegal, them a criminal, and if black, prison a part of life. What does it matter I support a civil war in my own country that is wicked. What do I care that my government is ran by war criminals torturers, murderers, hypocrites, and thieves that have less morals and no integrity man for man than any prison in the country. What man can do the right thing in congress if it cost him his job let alone if the stakes were high like spending years in prison? That’s no question at all, but an observation that’s obvious. They are traitors now. They have destroyed America and making the public complicit in it’s evils for a little swag, eliminates the moral standing of the public. Its doesn’t matter America is at war all over the place and it’s civilians that are doing all the dieing and we’re the ones killing them, if not the local traitors collaborating with (us) the enemy that supply weapons for them to kill each other with, we set up the situation so that they kill each other. Deliberately blow up the sewage and water treatment plants that the DoD planned to, and did kill hundreds of thousands of children for political motives that are in the end larceny. Terrorists, owe I believe in terrorists. I do believe in spooks I do, I do, I do. PS If somebody wants to lock me up for what is none of their business and blame me for ? then I say fuck them and there kids, The problem solves it self, thier kids die from the result of their blaming somebody else, that’s x many less in the gene pool that might drag us all back in to the jungle, I’m biased towards civil society, and make no apologies for not wanting our species to devolve in to super chimp.

  7. From The Wire:

    Kima: Fighting the war on drugs… one brutality case at a time.
    Carver: Girl, you can’t even think of calling this shit a war.
    Herc: Why not?
    Carver: Wars end.

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