How the NSA is hurting America’s tech industry — and helping China’s

The recent revelations about internet surveillance by the National Security Agency have created a “level of uncertainty or concern” among Cisco System’s customers internationally, says CFO Frank Calderone — and that has contributed to sliding demand for Cisco’s products.

Last quarter, new orders fell 12 percent in the developing world, with orders in Brazil down 25 percent and Russia down 30 percent. The governments of both Brazil and Russia have expressed serious concern over the revelations about NSA surveillance programs leaked by Edward Snowden. And Cisco isn’t alone — IBM’s sales have also fallen on similar concerns.


3 thoughts on “How the NSA is hurting America’s tech industry — and helping China’s

  1. As long as people have access to the methods by which they can satiate their desires, they will give up not only their freedom, but their very lives.

  2. What We The (US) People can do about this is get busy preparing to clean out Washington, D.C. in the 2014 and 2016 elections. A step in that direction — with a slim chance of working sooner — is to spur the House of Representatives to start the process of impeaching President Obama. President Clinton was impeached for perjury (lying under oath in a federal court); Obama’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” are many times more numerous and egregious.

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