Why so many Americans are missing out on the stock market boom

The stock market has been on a major tear for the last four years, with both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 climbing to all-time highs:

But the gains aren’t trickling down to the majority of Americans.

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3 thoughts on “Why so many Americans are missing out on the stock market boom

  1. Aziz: Oh no. This may be the first journalistic sign that I have seen that may mark the top of the market this go around. Time for the public to pile in again.

  2. Interesting. I would be curious to see the distribution of stock value across the stated ownership percentage. I would dare to guess that many of the 52% have minimal share values. Walmart giving an employee one share to psychologically promote “ownership” would contribute just as much as Warren Buffet to the 52% stat…no?

  3. Did Warren Buffett warn about the 2008 housing bubble? No. If not for the Fed’s reflating the stock market, he would have been toast.

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