Don’t Tolerate The Trumpists

Armed with his famously short temper, and the kind of weapons of mass destruction that America once went to war to prevent men like him from obtaining Trump is quite possibly the man that will end civilization as we know it.

His supporters are an unfortunate mix of three groups. (All three groups, of course, have some overlap).

First, wealthy people, who care mostly for tax cuts and whether the president is deferential to big business.

Second, not-so-wealthy suckers suckered by Trump’s false promises, faulty logic, and confidence tricks.

Third, the deplorables. The racists, and xenophobes, the nativists, the Bannonistas, the neoreactionaries, the actual Nazis, the antifeminists, and all the other assorted bigots. The people who call liberals “not even people”. The people who argue against the Statue of Liberty. The people who wave Confederate battle flags at Trump rallies, knowing full well that that flag represents an enemy that killed far more Americans than ISIS and al-Qaeda put together. The people who call for the lynching of journalists. The people who for reasons of bigotry hated having a nonwhite president, and hate the idea of having a female president.

If you fit into the first category, congratulations. You will get your tax cuts. But at what cost? Millions of people—including many of Trump’s voters!—are going to lose their health insurance. That has huge consequences to the economy, and to the health of millions of Americans. And now a madman is waving nukes around. Seems like your tax cuts came at a big cost. Tax cuts are rather useless in a nuclear holocaust.

If you fit into the second category, I pity you. I’m sorry that Trump falsely promised he would bring back muh jobs from China, when those same jobs are instead being replaced by robots. I’m sorry he told you Mexico would pay for the (needless, costly, ineffectual) wall. I’m sorry he tricked you with his barrage of demonstrably false claims, alternative facts, and other nonsense. I’m sorry he told you that he would make America great again by adopting the same authoritarianism, protectionism, and corporatist dumbfuckery that impoverishes much of the third world. You know, places like North Korea and Saddam’s Iraq, where the masses hunger while their Trump-chinned leaders with Trump-sized egos live in Trumpian gold-plated palaces.

If you fit into the third category—the deplorables—then fuck you. Why?

Modern civilization is built upon a single transcendential virtue: social and religious tolerance. What does society look like without this? It looks like endless civil war. Yonatan Zunger, in a piece that outlines the fundamentally important idea that tolerance is not a moral absolute but a peace treaty, describes one such time:

Among the worst wars of tolerance were the religious wars which tore through Europe between 1524 and 1648. These wars were predicated on… Protestants and Catholics each seeing the other as existential threats.

As states aligned with each side, the penalty for disagreement became exile or death, a condition no one could accept.

But even after six generations of fighting, and tens of millions of dead, these wars came to an end. The Peace of Westphalia, the series of treaties which ended them, was built on two radical tenets: that each ruler had the right to choose the religion of their state, and that Christians living in principalities where their faith was not the established faith still had the right to practice their religion. A decision was made, in essence, to accept the risk of the monster rather than the reality of the war.

The Peace of Westphalia was the political foundation for the concept of secularism: that religious matters are so uncertain that the state should not have the power to mandate them. It remains one of the classic peace treaties between fundamentally incompatible groups. It was also, in turn, the basis for the concept of religious freedom brought by European settlers to North America; the American Bill of Rights is its direct descendant.

The average deplorable response to this will be one of the two things.

First, they might ask “but what about Islam? We’re not destroyers of Western civilization. We’re trying to save it by keeping out the Muslims, who kill apostates. They want to force the entire world into a Caliphate, where they rule, and everyone who refuses to convert must be killed.”

This is very unfair to the majority of Muslims, who have no interest in imposing Sharia law across the world. But there is a a bigger point here. Deplorables are quite consciously trying to save the West from the religious intolerance of ISIS with their own brand of religious intolerance. This is absurd and paradoxical. You can’t save secularism while rejecting many of the most important tenets of liberal democracy.

Why? Well, why do you think Trump gets on so well with the tyrants of the middle east? The King of Saudi Arabia? The military dictator of Egypt? They are cut from the same cloth. They all adulate centralized power above all other things. Trump is like a middle eastern despot, but with blonde hair and blue eyes. Trump’s supporters are akin to the followers of those same middle eastern despots, obsessed with social, religious, and cultural traditionalism, obsessed with nationalism, obsessed with intolerance for minorities and outsiders, obsessed with making their respective region (America, or Arabia) “great again”. Harking back into the annals of a golden past that may or may not have ever existed. (Fun fact: the world is objectively richer and more peaceful than it was 20 or 50 or 100 years ago. Another fun fact: America was objectively terrible for anyone who wasn’t white until the end of Jim Crow).

Second, the deplorables might say something about so-called liberal intolerance. “But you liberals! You’re trying to force us to bake cakes for gay people! How dare you! Christians are being discriminated against! People who say women and men are not equal are being fired from their jobs! Liberals are intolerant!”

This is oxymoronic reasoning. Liberals stand up against prejudice and bigotry, for instance the refusal of businesses that claim to be open to the public to serve gay customers. Such a refusal is transparently intolerant. It is an attempt to marginalize a group of human beings. To prevent them from being able to get along in society like anyone else. What are people supposed to do when faced with such intolerance? Shrug?

No. What the deplorables need to grasp is that tolerance is a peace treaty, not a moral absolute. We are under no obligation as individuals to show tolerance to those who refuse to show tolerance to us. Tolerance takes root through individuals recognizing that by becoming mutually tolerant toward others, we as a society reap vast social, economic, and political rewards. But if we are treated badly by others, are we expected to be tolerant of that mistreatment? People have limits. They don’t like to be trodden on. Mistreatment breeds intolerance. It is not virtuous to tolerate someone who treats you like shit. It is self-destructive to.

The rise of Trump was a rank rejection of tolerance, and compromise. The deplorables love Trump because he is uncompromising and refuses to pander to liberals, or even recognize them as valid humans. Trumpism is an attack on anyone who believes in political and social equality for all people of all creeds, colours and faiths (or none). It is an attack on anyone who understands that most Muslims and Mexicans are not criminals or terrorists. It is an attack on anyone who believes in liberal democracy, in due process, and freedom of the press. It is an attack on modernity and pluralism. It is an attack on anyone who believes that women are worth more than being grabbed by the pussy by a creepy authoritarian racist.

To be clear, not all Trump supporters are deplorables. Many are just in it for the tax cuts, or out of ignorance. But until they start acting more empathetically and treating people as human beings with rights and feelings, they must be opposed and stymied in every lawful manner possible. Their leader must face total opposition and resistance, to stop him from carrying out his continuing attacks upon truth, reason, and democracy. And yes, they are attacking democracy: over half of Republicans would support “delaying the 2020 election” if Trump called for it. Tolerance is a peace treaty, and Trump and his supporters ripped it up, and continue to rip. If they want tolerance—and their ceaseless whining suggests they do—they need to showing some themselves, and help us get Trump out.

Sooner or later, they will learn. They will learn that their leader’s economic ideas are totally bogus. Muh jobs aren’t coming back from China, no matter how much Trump whines about it. Free trade—not protectionism—is the pathway to security and prosperity. They will learn that suppressing dissent and journalism does not make a country strong. They will learn that nepotism breeds corruption, sloth, and inefficiency. They will learn that man-made climate change is real, even if takes floods and fires, and desertification for them to do so. They will learn that declaring their liberal friends and neighbours the enemy is as stupid and dangerous as declaring your Jewish friends and neighbours the enemy.

Of course, Trump is already in a position of extreme power, and has the capacity to do vast amounts of damage before this is over. It may be too late to stop a calamity on the grandest scale.

But when they learn and make amends, we must be prepared to forgive them for their aggressions.



27 thoughts on “Don’t Tolerate The Trumpists

  1. HAHA this is the f(^(*^ you get for the 8 years f_((& we got! I love it. Keep whining because we are going to take this country back from you whiney hineys……..just wait the best is coming-LMAO

  2. Dude, you really are going a bit off the deep end here. You apparently are trying to put half of America into one tight little box that supports your delusions that they are oh so awful. All the while trumpeting that your Muslim buds are victims of stereotyping and are being unfairly treated as not ALL of them are bad (oh, and go say that you’re gay and see if you get served (if not beaten or killed) in ANY muslim dominated populations — so stand up and fight that intolerance. But wait, only the Christians hate gays). Sooner or later it’s guys like you who are going to learn that because you think like this, Trump is going to be re-elected. Or at the very least, Pence.

    • If you think that pissing guys like me off is worth more than having a sane man in the White House who doesn’t have insanely bad economic policies and insanely dangerous international policies, then good luck with that. That’s what Madison called factionalism, and I believe it is fundamentally why nations fail. I recognize the validity and the humanity of Trump supporters, and Republicans. But too many of them (roughly, the deplorable group) don’t recognize my validity, nor my humanity. Tolerance starts with people realizing that toleration is worth it. Apparently, too many Trump voters didn’t get that memo.

      The lucky thing is the Democrats aren’t going to be judged by what I say. I can be completely, brutally honest. A Democrat (say, The Rock) can run in four years with completely unifying, completely decent rhetoric, and win. But I don’t think that will heal these divides. Modernity is built on different groups of people being tolerant of each other. If you’re going to throw all of that out of the window because many Muslim countries are worse (which I noted in the article, and ironically there is a fundamental similarity between the Make America Great Again, and Make Arabia Great Again crowds), then good luck with that.

      The interesting thing is that the social justice agenda didn’t just go away because Trump won. Look at what happened with the Google manifesto.

    • The reality of the situation is being missed. Recall, if you will, the plight of the “Central Park Five”. They, after a wrongful conviction due to POLICE MISCONDUCT, were exonerated. This came after an admission of guilt by the real perpetrator and DNA evidence. The city of New York had to pay them a few million dollar in damages. So their innocence is acknowledged and not up for debate.
      In the months following their arrest Trump took out a full page ad in the NYT calling for the death penalty to be applied in their case. He, like many, were wrong. However, he has YET to apologize or acknowledge his error. So what if he is wrong about Korea? Just food for thought.

  3. Gotta agree with Scott and Christopher. The snowflakes and money mongers have been in office since Clinton I. The Swamp consists of both parties and if you follow the money it probably leads to the massive net worth they’ve built and off shore accounts.

    President Trump is working for America, not taking a salary and has gotten more done in 6 months than any previous Swamp Rat.

    Face it – Obama didn’t make any waves during his 8 year tenure in order to protect his “first” status and “legacy” which ultimately did not help to protect America. Like his predecessors, Obama failed to reel in the major banksters (zero indictments) and along with Congress did nothing to protect American pension funds. He has funded big pharma and health insurer donors with quarterly GSE Net Sweeps $$ funded with wrongful foreclosure blood money directed to the Treasury – which propped up Obamacare. His Treasury allowed GSEs Fannie and Freddie to be fraudulently concealed as the real party in interest in the foreclosure massacre since 2008, Making Millions of Americans Homeless.

    The DNC intentionally cheated its membership when it burned Bernie. The choice the American left had in the 2016 election was a woman who admitted she couldn’t identify with the middle class because of her opulent lifestyle (although she remembers she was one once upon a time); and, upon subpoenas – destroyed over 30,000 of her emails, bleach-bit her computers, and had her phones smashed with hammers and sim cards removed when they were turned over to the FBI, and Donald Trump, who the left tried to smear from the very beginning.

    Donald Trump was the strong, broad shoulder choice of Americans who are tired of the political club-style status quo. The people in politics who don’t like or support President Trump likely have their own $$ driven agendas or fear of their own negative exposure.

    It’s obvious you only hear the left-promoted propaganda because President Trump is only removing criminals and illegals. The nationalities and religions have nothing to do with this process. Thousands of legal Mexicans and Middle Eastern families have assimilated throughout the United States. Wake up – we need strong leaders willing to remove Swamp Rats in order to protect America and the rest of the world. North Korea is just an example of relaxed, weak, self-interest only, money monger leaders that allowed (and funded) NK to the point of nuclear destruction capability.

    • Just because the establishment fucked up in massive and manifold ways does not mean that Trump’s policies are solutions to those fuckups. Protectionism is bad regardless of the regimes that came before. Aggression against North Korea is just as bad and dumb as aggression against Iraq, and has the potential to destabilize that region in very much the same the Iraq war did in the middle east, creating ISIS. What you guys will eventually see as Trump draws America deeper and deeper into a quagmire of failure and internalized rage is that sometimes the people who are the most effective critics of an old regime turn out to be worse than it.

      Hitler was a great critic of Versailles, ya know. He was right about the way Germany was mistreated in that treaty. Not to say that Trump is Hitler (Trump is more like Mussolini, or Silvio Berlusconi), but it illustrates the point. Hitler was right about some of the failures of Versailles and Weimar (he was also very wrong about some of them, too) but much, much, much worse than what came before him.

      There’s really no evidence that America got North Korea nuclear weapons. It’s a frankly ridiculous argument. For all the establishment’s failures, there’s a hell of a lot of things they DIDN’T do that they are getting blamed for.

      Hillary Clinton may have had her problems but she was not an aggressor against any group of Americans the way that Trump is. She did not dehumanize and demonize massive groups of people the way that Trump and his deplorables do.

      She was also nothing like as corrupt as Trump already is: engaging in extreme nepotism with Ivanka and Kushner, running his businesses for profit while he makes policies in the White House, taking huge amounts of Russian cash to run his presidential campaign.

      I predict that after Trump’s policies bite, you guys are going to be wishing Hillary Clinton had won. Really.

      • There is nothing “intolerant” about enforcing immigration laws, and revamping an immigration system so that merit-based people are let in. I have heard Donald Trump speak quite a bit. I’ve viewed some of his election rallies. Intolerance is not his message. And, again, you are spinning in a bunch of futuristic fear mongering and predictions: and you are so sure of them being true that alternate opinions become the enemy to you. Prediction is not an argument. If anything, I found Hillary a bit intolerant. Her now famous judgment of half the country as deplorable sealed the deal for Donald Trump. Also, her cheating during the presidential debates, cheating to oust Bernie, and collision with the MSM turned off a lot of democrat voters, hence they flipped and voted for Trump. He got Gorsuch in. Impossible ever wish Hillary won as a result of this one fact alone. Good day!

        • “There is nothing “intolerant” about enforcing immigration laws”

          You can’t reason with entitled millennials that have most likely have never traveled outside of their zip code, let alone the country. They have no idea that you can’t just waltz into any country and do what you want, get what you want, come and go at will as if the world is your little playground. A lot of these kids have had privileged lives, they think they can have/get anything they want by just whining for it.

          They live in the cushiest, most free country in the universe and it’s still not enough.

    • Perfect – Well said. We the People are sick of the liberal bias and from now on we will come out in droves to show it at the polls. 19 trillion debt??? The dollar loses its S&P rating?? We are so sick of this Swamp amigo and guess what CHRISTMAS is coming for the first time in 8 years. Amen!

  4. It looks as if most of these correspondents are getting scared. Don’t worry, the US Military knows what to do even if Trump sound off a bit muchly.

  5. The problem is that Trump isn’t the problem; he is only a symptom. As a country we have lived through a period of wild greed and waste, and are beginning to pay the price. During such periods, fevers of bigotry and violence often run through the population, especially those who were left out of the grabfest and off the gravy train. They do their damage and blow themselves out. When the ‘deplorables’ realize that hating Mexicans and Muslims isn’t going to make their lives any better, they’ll settle back into their resentments and stupidities until the next fever. But the greed, the indifference, the aggression, among ‘liberals’ as well as ‘conservatives’, will continue to breed, and what they’ll breed is the next Trump, or the next Clinton, for that matter, as the proles and their overlords struggle for stuff and power. ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us.’

  6. It will serve us all right too, for messing up the beautiful earth which once existed before we began to spoil it. God in his wisdom will make a better kind of life to flourish in the next few million year,s to make up for his error when he didn’t allow Noah to sink the arc.

  7. I am afraid you are too kind to the american fascists they are rather unpleasant people as they repeatedly show. Reposting the same lies they know to be lies like their current draft dodger president, five deferments for bone spurs , still talking shit about Senator John McCain not really being a war hero ( he should know ) and stomping about pretending to be patriotic, just like bush and romney. Any stupidity is fine to sell the masses, for those tax cuts and corporate subsidies! American exceptionalism at the moment being the exceptional decadence of its ruling class.

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