My Future

I am winding down Azizonomics, though, as I am sure you are already aware it has already existed in a winded down state for many years, particularly since I left The Week in 2014. I mostly started this blog in 2011 because I was concerned about the economy, and the future, and was reading a lot, and jotting down my thoughts.

From today, I will be focusing on my new podcast: Cybernetics Chat. The focus of that is much more a mixture of techno-utopianism, ecology, science fiction, and futurism, blended with economics discussion, as well as music that I enjoy.

Here are some links to the first three episodes:

I hope that my audience from here checks out the new podcast. I may start producing more written content in the future, but that will be on a different platform than Azizonomics.

3 thoughts on “My Future

  1. John, sorry to see you go and good luck on your next adventure. I enjoyed the discussions and look forward to your podcasts!

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