I am John Aziz.

The views expressed here are my own and mine alone.

I am interested in global trade dynamics, debt dynamics and the flow of credit, moneyness and currencies, unclearing markets, futurology, civil libertarianism, drone warfare, market democracy, solar technology, ecology, the psychology of bubbles, behaviourism, Bayesian statistics, subjectivism and a whole load of other stuff.

And lots & lots of music. Currently writing a novel.

Contact me at azizonomics@aol.com

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  1. You are absolutely killing it. Every post is incredibly insightful and dead on. I’m curious to know what blogs/new publications you read and if you have any books to recommend.

    Keep posting!

    • Thanks Thomas.

      The books I recommend above all else are Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. Blogs and publications I mostly read are zero hedge, The Economist, the daily bail, Seeking Alpha, etc.

      Do you have anything to recommend to me?



      • Those 2 book are like a revelation. The writings of NNT have opened my eyes om ways that actually felt like taking the red pill and tumbling down the rabbit hole.

        Every time I read and re-read the text, there’s a new perspective formed due to changing contexts and information.

      • I have a question, you said that you like to read Zerohedge. And from what I’ve noticed the blog gets a lot of respect from many smart people all over the blogosphere and even much of the financial world. However, I just can’t bring myself to like Zerohedge. While many of the posts are fascinating and unique views of the economy, complete with graphs and empirical research, much of the posts also just seem like, for lack of a better word, utter bullshit. So many of the posters seem to reflect the usual Austrian/gold bug doomsday mentality of labeling everything a bubble, and very little room for considering that other phenomena are at play. Their whole view of QE from claiming that we were going to get hyperinflation, but then radically shifting and saying that it is deflationary just seemed bizarre to me. And the anti-Semitic and conspiracy-esque commenters completely turn me off. So I am curious, is there something I am missing here? What is it about Zerohedge that gets it so much respect? Because from what I have seen a lot of it just seems like sensationalist bull crap that offers me no real insights into the economy that I couldn’t have found elsewhere.

        • I don’t guest post on Zero Hedge anymore. I used to last year when I was a little more doomy, but I moved away from my previous doomyness and any hard money sympathies over the last year.

        • That doesn’t surprise me because the tone of your blog certainly seems more level headed than what I see on Zero Hedge. I believed the doomers for a while, I mean in the wake of 2008 who wasn’t a doomer, but many of the predictions never panned out, and there does come a point where if you make wrong predictions, you have the choice of either: 1) admitting you were wrong and trying to find out why you were wrong so you don’t do it again; or 2) making up excuses and going down the road of creating an alternative story to reality. And as someone who respects science I find it better to go to the first route, while it seems like many at Zero Hedge chose the second choice when their predictions of imminent doom and gloom didn’t come true. And once you go down that second path you start becoming more and more divorced from reality and more and more extreme. I mean some of the explanations I heard about the Gold crash in April of this year on that site were just downright absurd and seemed more like something out of a conspiracy site than financial commentary.

      • I’m pretty bowled over by “How Markets Fail”. The timeline beflufels me, but the concept line gave me incredible insight into how much I don’t know about economics, and how many friends I have in that regard. I’m sure you’ve heard about it and probably read it, but I thought it should be mentioned here.

  2. John Aziz,

    I have enjoyed your blog very much. Im involved in a website start up that has a similar point of view. We posted some links to two of your articles. I hope that is ok with you? We are always interested in forming connections with like minded people. Take a look at our website if you get a chance. http://www.marketoverflow.com

      • Just finished reading The Shock Doctrine and found it to be eye opening. I would definitely recommend it.

        I also follow zero hedge, that’s how I found out about your site in fact.


  3. Hi John,

    Love the blog.. Judging by the date of your first post we have both jumped on the same alternative media wave. Decentralisation of media will get the truth out to the people, so we all have our role to play.

    I have a new website http://www.silverrevolucion.com where anyone can submit and share links.. One of silverrev’s users posted one of your articles and i’ve been reading your blog since.

    I recently wrote an article and linked to one of your posts, ill let you read it to try and find the link 😉 http://silverrevolucion.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/money-banksters-and-august-2011-the-coming-silver-revolution/

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from your blog on my website!

    your mate,

      • Hi Aziz

        Can you please delete this comment and the comment above linking to silverevolucion.. the website has been deleted.

        Thank you

  4. Congrats on what is by the far the best-researched, most insightful financial journalism I’ve run across. I blog occasionally on similar topics- mainly out of frustration at the pathetic coverage given to this topic by mainstream media- but now I’ll just read your work. 🙂
    BTW I’ve forwarded your URL to a number of friends.

  5. I’m really liking the blog Aziz, we don’t always agree but that’s quite alright, disagreement fuels healthy societies. I am curious as to your economic training. You seem to know what you’re talking about but it would be nice to know where that knowledge comes from. Are you a trained economist or self trained?

    At any rate, keep up the good work, I really like how well-researched your blog is and I’ll keep reading it if you keep writing it.

    • Thanks Twiliak. I studied English literature in college. But I have always been something of an autodidact. Most of my economic perspective is fuelled by my work in finance. I am a voracious reader, and around the last crash devoured Keynes, Schumpeter, Hayek, Rothbard, Hicks, Fisher, Bernanke, Krugman, Jevons, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Ron Paul, Stiglitz, Niall Ferguson, Nassim Taleb, Ben Graham, Ayn Rand, Xenophon, Heraclitus, Plato, Socrates, Roubini and various assorted economic thinkers, trying to get a full picture. But by far the most insightful activity I have had is studying the figures and drawing my own conclusions.

      I don’t like the idea of working in academia at all. I would be confined to an area of research, and confined to using nomenclature that would only be understood by a small proportion of our planet. My current study — that I haven’t been writing about explicitly on here — is mostly to do with the topics of Nassim Taleb’s new book: fragility, robustness, and antifragility. This is a heavily multi-disciplinary topic (look at note 145: the intervention bias), and is an awkward thing to compartmentalise into a department.

      Even as it is I worry that I am obscuring my ideas beneath economic jargon. Further — other than for vocational courses like medicine and engineering — I think college education is a house of cards that is about to collapse: the internet has destroyed their monopoly on higher education, and so humanities departments in all but the most illustrious colleges will dwindle down to nothing, eaten away by online learning and online discourse.

      Matt Yglesias (a guy I often disagree with) wrote a post a couple of days ago making very much the same point.

      If you have ideas, a blog, and some flair at writing you can get readers, spread ideas, and get a genuine discourse far more quickly and satisfyingly than I ever found I could in academia.

      • John,

        Have you kept up with the militarization of civilian police forces on both sides of the pond? I reviewed your Keiser chat and you alluded to barefoot realities as “messy”. I’m a US expat residing in Poland. My remaining family in the US is preparing for a civil war. What are your thoughts about martial law in the US? I know the EU will float another 10,000,000,000,000 USD in bonds to “kick the can down the road”, so were safe here for another year. I’m very concerned about the US.

        • I don’t rule any of that stuff out.

          Again, the powers that be want to maintain order. The fundamental economic realities of angry populations, weak supply chains, energy shocks and resources crises may make maintaining order in the medium and long term challenging.

        • I think civil war is a certainty. The USA is extremely polarised now between the welfare recipients and the socialist bureaucrats on the government payroll and the freedom loving individuals that made the USA what it was. I am studying US politics from Australia, so I am unbiased. I have been to the USA for 3 months and travelled all over. What I noticed was the divide of communities. I saw entire towns of one race. This was abnormal for me. In Australia all races live side by side. With your ready access to guns. Economic collapse is a disaster waiting to happen. Best of luck for your family.

  6. Great blog, very insightful. Glad too to find a fellow admirer of NNT. Just like the whole financial system needs rethinking, the entire political structure will be rebuilt over the coming years. Asia and the Pacific are on the rise, and Europe is going to have a harder landing than it would ever have thought possible. I’m writing from Hong Kong (http://aviewfromtheeast.wordpress.com) and the mood of change here is so thick you could can it.
    Keep up the good work

    • I am very bullish on Asia, and bearish on Europe. I admit I have never actually been east of the Holy Land, but it doesn’t surprise me that when I speak to Brits and Americans in the East, they tend to agree with me. Those who tend to disagree seem to live in the West and spend too much time watching CNBC…

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  8. John Aziz,

    You are extremely well read. I don’t have the English grammar you have but I am working on it.

    I think we are the new Illuminati. We source new learning from our online tools, then we go to the original source books (Engels, Keynes, Haydek, Marx, Mises, Hitler etc) It gives a better perspective of History, especially the massive changes caused by the enlightenment, and the rise of Socialism, World War, and NWO.

    Perhaps we can have a yearly conference, and thrash out ideas at the same time as the Basle Banker event. This will provide an opprtunity to network and learn in a real environment. I think our downfall is our online reliance. If the switch is turned off. We lose our knowledge and connections.

    Peacefully discuss. Perhaps the world media will be curious. They are already there!.

    Wouldn’t that ruffle a few feathers!

  9. John, I love your blog, it’s brilliant. Sorry I don’t post much, but it’s not my domain, so I am learning…a huge Thank you, and please keep up the great work!

  10. hi John,

    just wanted to drop you a message to say how impressed I am with the site and how much I enjoy reading your articles. keep up the good work. I have recently been thinking how there is a need for a uk-centric ZH analogue, becasue as far as I know one does not yet exist?? with a large enough readership perhaps azizonomics could be a contender…

    • Thanks. Interesting point.

      Most of my analysis is more America-centric because I know more about American economics and politics than British! Maybe I should write more about the UK.

      I’m getting a reasonable readership at the moment. 500-1000 pageviews per day, with 2000+ on the busiest days. That’s about 5% of what ZH gets. Feel free to spread links around the web to help me grow!

  11. Apologies! for some reason (although looking back I can’t think what) I had it in my head that you and your site were british! It does amaze me that there is not a ZH equivalent for the UK (unless someone can point me in the direction of one?); of course the US is a bigger global player but surely there are some whistles to be blown in the city of london? I would start my own but I’m still new to this game..

    anyway if you were to write more about britain I for one would be reading it!

      • Hi I am in this situation too. I’m in UK though sometimes find s myself making decisions as If I was in US. Can you give me, or link me, your view on UK with respect to declining US dollar/ influence – especially with regards to short, medium & long-term most likely scenarios…

  12. Great site Mr. J. A , got here via ZH although have been reading many of the other sites on your roll. Am teaching myself the trends in the current world financial system after having worked on farms for the past 20 years. Yes, its very difficult. Will go and read NNT and TRY to comprehend.

    I am interested to know if you have any opinion on Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and finally John Brodsky that you can share here. It helps my understanding when there is some corroberation from intelligent writers like yourself when ‘ice-picking’ my way up the learning curve.

    Many thanks, hope you can maintain your enthusiasm.

  13. I concluded you are the real Tyler Durden in spirit. Zerohedge will not give me an account so I can organise a real protest movement by detailing annual thinktank conventions, despite emailing and emailing them for an account to be created.

    All fluff and no substance. What are they worried the Government will say, ok you can let people rant and rave and make money from advertising along the way, but as long as it is in cyberspace.

    They are not as free thinking and against the corrupt government and bankers as they say they are. And 90% of the posters are idiots. I have given up on them.

    See you in Basle!

  14. Hey, how’s it going? I just started a site called Watercooler Report (watercoolerreport.com), and am looking for contributors. The idea of the site is to have anyone be able to post their opinion about recent news, as well as interesting news. Would you be interested in posting some of your material there? You can post in the Business section. The site is almost live, and I can set up an account if you would like (I need your name and email to set up a contributor account for you). You could write a short bio in the author section, and hopefully it could help you get some extra publicity if it picks up. Let me know if you would be interested.


  15. Sounds good, would you like a contributor account? You can post there with all of the pictures and graphs you include in your posts. If I repost your work, it will be automated and will probably not include the images/graphs. Let me know. Thanks.

  16. Hi,
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  17. I like your blog, it makes people think. But this one “It is a dreamworld constructed by and for people with Asperger’s Syndrome.” was really narrow-minded, do you actually believe that!?!? It’s more the other way around, people with a god set of mirror-neurons can’t take decisions of their own.

  18. Pingback: Il volto dell’eco-fascismo genocida - Ludwig von Mises Italia

  19. Hi John,
    I like the diversity of your website.I receive several economic “opinions”, and was seeking a well rounded economic site to address investing in Gold and Silver. There are rumblings that the Gold and silver commodities will dump and then become bulish after several economic scenerios, then Gold and ssilver will reverse to a bull market. Would you please comment?
    I really enjoy your website.
    Best regars,


    • Follow Basle 3 developments, especially the discussion on whether gold is tier 1 capital with zero risk rating. I know from my workings with Basle 2 and Mortgage Backed Residential Security as tier 1 capital and how that ended.

  20. Noam Chomsky and the late Professor Howard Zinn have offered brutal predictions about the inevitable zero point… Slavoj Žižek, Jeremy Rifkin and others I follow as well make dire predictions. I hope a meritocracy evolves from the ashes and economists like Manfred Max Neef replace both the Keynesian and Austrian shitheads. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck in the UK.

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    Dear Mr. Eastwood,

    Mr. Eastwood, I am a Republican. I am an angry Republican. I will NOT vote for Mr. Romney.

    Mr. Eastwood, I am not an 80 year old man with $100,000,000, or however much money you have, and with medicare. I am a working stiff. I am a middle class, middle aged man who has worked in small businesses since I was a teenager, and I haven’t been a teenager for decades. I pay for my own health insurance and yours. My insurance is expensive and what it covers is crappy. Fortunately I have never had a major illness. I would lose my insurance and my ability to work if I did. It has been my good luck and taking care of myself that makes it so that I can work to pay for your health insurance. You have excellent taxpayer paid health insurance, and I hope excellent health, too. Mr. Eastwood, I am not jealous of your wealth. I am sure that you have worked hard and have had some good luck. I have worked hard and had some good luck, too. Mr. Eastwood, I am glad that you have been successful. However, Mr. Eastwood, why am I paying for your heath insurance?

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  22. hi john
    Great work keep it up, i always knew since i was in my early teens that the world is fucked up. its been fucked up and will be for a while (will be turning 20 next month). I dont agree 100% with all your posts but the ones I agree with are eye opening. I recomend that you look into creating visual documentaries to spread your word for those who cant read or comprehend with your exeptional vocab . I see a revolution in the making, living in one of the most unequal countries in the world (south africa) were a street literally divides the poorest and the richest people in the country its bound to be chaos. Julius Sello Malema is a name you will hear often as he tries to take advantage of the Marikana aftermath. Africa has had its fair share of global dominance long before the europeans knew anything about it. the Egyptian empire reined for 8000 years. Africa is atleast 1000 years ahead of the west. What happened to all these african kingdoms such as the powerful aksumite, igbo,songai,mapungupwe and many more kingdoms. Its simple the kings were thrown out and chaos unfolded. Its going to happen agian, its nature as intended this time we taking out the banksters then our governments. Africa is the place to be in the next 1000 years with global warming taking place the equator will once agian dominate should we not see drastic changes such as depopulation which i am in support of.

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  24. John,
    I followed the link to the declassified 1950 era “flying saucer” and was very surprised to find it was a hovercraft. That vehicle was never intended to fly more than three feet off the ground/water or faster than 35mph. The photo clearly shoes a large lift fan at the center of the craft and it is sitting in a swimming pool where it was obviously tested over water. It was more or less unidirectional with the forward direction indicated by the orange pitot tube protruding from the front. The pitot tube had to be situated far from the hovercraft to remove it from the upwash of the lift fan and achieve accurate velocity measurements. Any declassifiction of information on this POS is just disinformation.

    • Project 1794 was not the same thing as the Avrocar.

      As the declassified documents state:

      Very clearly, this was not a hovercraft. I am not making any further claims, but it is a rather amusing coincidence to me that it was declassified the same week that McKinnon’s extradition was halted.

  25. 5 out of three of your ‘suggested readings’ contains three books from Taleb. I’ve read them all, however, for non-economical purposes. I feel great to have come across your blog one fine Monday morning. Hoping to read more of you!

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  27. I recommend the book, Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science That Makes Life Dismal by Moshe Adler
    He debunks the myths that:
    Markets are fair
    Markets are stable
    Markets are efficient

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  30. Just found your blog – looking forward to hearing your take on developing events. As for book recommendations, I would recommend taking a look at Non-Zero by Robert Wright if you have any interest in Evolutionary Psychology (I feel that Wright and Taleb share some similarities in their outlook) and A Capitalism for the People by Luigi Zingales.

  31. This is one of the best economics resources I’ve found and I’m hugely grateful for your work. I am especially impressed with how civil and intelligent the comments generally are.

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  34. Greeting sir. I have read your piece on shadow credit. Quite interesting.

    I have written some on financial networks, mostly in conjunction with politics and religion, which tends to annoy everyone at once.

    My latest book is here; 200yearsofcentralbanks.com

    If you have time, give it a look. Any feed back, appreciated.

    Yours Truly Thomas M. Cole JD I’m on Twitter at @Tmcole31

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  36. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about About | azizonomics .

  37. Loved the article about ethanol subsidies. It’s more expensive to produce than it’s worth. It harms small engines. The cost of meat “the big three” has gone up double in five years. Not any car known gets better mileage on the ethanol blended fuel than on straight gas. Every bushel of corn used on ethanol takes away from hungry people. Every gallon of ethanol made uses water to make it and millions of gallons per day are wasted when we have whole sections of our country in drought. The farmers use millions of tons of nitrogen on the corn to get a better yield and that nitrogen runs off and settles in our lakes and rivers making fish inedible. It’s time to stop the guaranteed profit to a few who invested in this sham. JMHO

  38. Can you or anyone else help on this?

    My brother is greatly impressed by the rantings of Charles Biderman, who criticizes unemployment statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics as using outdated methods and produces “crap” results. Thumping his chest, he proclaims that he does it better by using daily withholding income and employment taxes reported by the US Treasury which he then adjusts for changes in tax rates, salary levels and tax bracket creep.

    Biderman provides no evidence of how his method compares, and what differences there are between his approach and the BLS methods used to provide the monthly Employment Situation Report.

    Can anyone put this proposed approach in perspective with other, standard methods?


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  42. I recently picked my way through the contents of the CPI basket and associated weightings. Of particular interest was the section on housing; not only are the ONS taking into account consumables relating to DIY, paint, tools, varnish etc but it only made up 14.4% of the total.

    Wages are generally benchmarked against CPI. When items such as housing costs are increasing and also a much greater proportion of peoples outgoings than 14.4%. is it any wonder that CPI is now indicating deflation as wage increases are being muted by the items people can no longer afford to buy.

  43. Technology Submission – State of the Art – Novel InFlow Tech – Featured Project Development;|/ ·1; Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / – GEARTURBINE PROJECT Have the similar basic system of the Aeolipilie Heron Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 10-70 AD * With Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Way Power Type – Non Waste Looses *8X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE Way Steps. Higher efficient percent. No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature Pat:197187IMPI MX Dic1991 Atypical Motor Engine Type /·2; Imploturbocompressor; One Moving Part System Excellence Design – The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Implossion – Only One Compression Step; Inflow, Compression and outflow at one simple circular dynamic motion / New Concept. To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is possible on a simple way, just to check an Hurricane Satellite view, and is the same implo inflow way nature.

  44. Jesus, too bad you like child porn. That’s disgusting. 2000 years of the left promoting racism, child rape, and child genital mutilation. Disgusting.

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