I Didn’t Build This

A year ago today I started writing a blog.

I’ve engaged and debated a wild variety of interesting, knowledgeable and cool people who have contributed to the site by commenting and asking questions. I write to discover. I write to expose myself to unseen dimensions of reality. But mostly I write because I like engaging with other people. I am thankful for your continued engagement and continued support, especially those who choose to disagree with me.

Today, I present a couple of brief retrospectives.

First, my ten most-read posts in the last year:

  1. Krugman, Diocletian & Neofeudalism
  2. Spreading the Wealth Around
  3. The Absurdity of NATO
  4. Why is the Fed Not Printing Like Crazy?
  5. Gold’s Value Today
  6. President Choomwagon
  7. Judge Katherine Forrest is a Modern American Hero
  8. America Priced in Gold
  9. Enter the Swan
  10. Krugman Calls For Alien Invasion?

Second, ten posts that didn’t get quite as much attention and deserve a little more:

  1. Why QE Didn’t Cause Hyperinflation
  2. Does Jamie Dimon Even Know What Hedging Risk Is?
  3. Double or Nothing: How Wall Street is Destroying Itself
  4. Groupon: Unsustainable Parasite?
  5. Job Creation 101
  6. Iran Did 9/11?
  7. The Treasury Bubble in One Graph
  8. Zombie Economics
  9. The Problem With Military Keynesianism
  10. Austerity & Extremism

Finally, here’s my (so-far) only ever radio interview:

Peace, y’all.